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When do I need to see a physiotherapist?

Most people see a physio because they are in pain. A physio can assess your complaint and use physiotherapy skills to improve your condition. The aim is to reduce your symptoms and improve your function.

What is physiotherapy?

'A health profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential; it uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being, taking account of variations in health status.'
- The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist can diagnose, treat and advise you on:
  • sports injuries
  • exercise
  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • posture
  • sprains
  • strains
  • whiplash
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • pre/post surgery
  • mobility issues
  • chronic conditions
  • tennis/golfers elbow
  • orthopaedic conditions
  • balance problems
  • achilles and calf problems
  • frozen shoulder
  • tendonitis
  • arthritic pain
  • asthma
  • shoulder pain

Why Healthy Limbs? Here’s one patient's story:

For a long time I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain and tension, which in turn was causing me daily headaches.
On my first session, Julianne (from Healthy Limbs) listened and analysed, whilst also explaining to me why I was experiencing these issues. I was given exercises to do that would be beneficial and these fitted into my routine as a matter of course. This first session was a first step in the headaches easing and tension in my neck reducing. What a relief! After a few more sessions I was guided by Julianne and together we addressed and resolved my issues.
I would highly recommend Julianne. She is a great physio, friendly, passionate in what she does and this reflects in how she approached me and my issue, she resolved my problem. Brilliant!”

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